Jan 22 2010

Slip Casting Workshop At Nelson Community Potters

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Slip casting with Tony Schraufnagel

This course will be an introduction to the slip casting process by creating original molds, casting slip preparation, casting techniques and creating a finished work from a combination of cast elements and other traditional clay forming techniques. The five session course will provide participants with the knowledge and experience of creating simple molds from a wide variety of forms.

About the Instructor:

Tony Schraufnagel received his MFA in sculpture from the University of North Texas in 1996. He has exhibited throughout the United States and his work is held in private collections worldwide. Mr. Schraufnagel is currently on a one-year sabbatical from his teaching position at Greenhill School, a university preparatory school located in Addison, Texas. He has taught sculpture and ceramics at Greenhill School for the past ten years. In addition, Mr. Schraufnagel has held teaching positions at Texas Tech University, The University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University.  He has recently exhibited work in the storefront of Barney’s New York, Dallas Location,  the 2007 Greenhill School Parents Association Gala, The Addison Conference Center Outdoor Sculpture Garden and the Navy Pier in Chicago Illinois..


The course will meet every Tuesday for 5 weeks. Sessions will take place from 7-9 pm at Nelson Community Potters at 136 Rutherford street. Meeting dates are February 23 March 2,9,16 and 23.

Course Schedule:

Session One- Introduction to the mold making

  • Preparation of pattern
  • Plaster working
  • Pouring first part of the mold(s)

Session Two-Mold making Continued

  • Preparation and creation of second part of mold(s)
  • Introduction to casting slip

Session Three-Completion of mold making

  • Removal of original pattern
  • Clean up and first slip casting

Session Four-Casting editions

  • Casting editions
  • Cleaning and storage of green ware castings
  • Discussion of potential uses of castings to create a finished piece.
  • Preparation of related clay elements used in assembly of finished piece

Session Five – Assembly of final piece

  • Combining castings with other clay forming techniques to create a finished work


$80 per person

Internet Payment:

Nelson Community Potters Inc.

Westpac 030703 0456047 00

Please Use Surname as Reference


Tuition for this course will include plaster and midfire white casting slip.

  • Midfire clay – enough for related elements used in conjunction with castings
  • Patterns for moldmaking  not exceeding 10 centimeters  tall and 7 centimeters wide-plastic bottles, wheelthrown forms, organic elements and anything symmetrical and suited for pulling a two part mold from.
  • Plastic bags and lightweight scrap fabric such as old tea towels, t shirt etc.

Maximum Enrollment:


Download the power point presentation on mold making for slip cast pilgrim flasks.

here: cast off slip casting

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